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Didara and her Story

When she was young she had a wooden trolley. She constantly dragged it and spoke di-di-di-di. So, as a child, she got a nickname Dida. She got married while still young, had two children and a husband who had went to work in America. After short time he died working in a mine, and was burried in USA. Dida became a young widow at the age of 19. Her life was cruel and fierce, she had to do both men and women jobs. She drove a sand in a horse cart, working for her pocket and the others. During heavy World War II years she slept many times in the barn to save her cattle. Every autumn she had a great fight to preserve corn, by staying all night awake while banging on the metal sheets to drive off wild animals. She was a very diligent and fightfull woman. She had survived various disasters, and yet did not want to sell the land, but was constantly finding the ways to buy and expand. Her biggest support were her two brothers who were always there in the moment of need. In short, our grandmother was worthy, fightfull, guarding her house and family. She kept the balance in her custody, and didn't obey to anybody.

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Over time, the nickname of our grandmother Dida, changed to DIDARA respecting her fightfull spirit. Her descendants beside the surname Rashuo are more famous in the valley of the Srb town (in Lika) as Didarici. Her little grandson Zeljko Didaric, started this catering facility with a couple of enthusiasts, with a will to preserve a memory of his grandmother Dida.

Mama Draga

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